B-TEMIA is re-defining how humans move, by creating a unique relationship between human and robotic principles.  At B-TEMIA., we believe in making the human body more effective at what it does best, by augmenting its biomechanical functions where and when needed.


Founded in 2010, B-TEMIA is a developer and manufacturer of biorobotic technology in the growing market of human augmentation. Its proprietary DermoskeletonTM technology provides improved mobility, strength and autonomy to the user, with applications in the medical, industrial and military fields.


The proprietary technology behind B-TEMIA’s product portfolio is the result of an emerging science called “Dermoskeletics”.  Dermoskeletics  studies the interaction between the human body and its environment while assisted with a skin-type motorized mechanism.


The powered assistive Knee Stress Release DeviceTM (K-SRDTM) for industrial and military use incorporates the DermoskeletonTM technology. It is a complete computer controlled lower extremity motorized orthosis that counteracts overstress on the lower back and legs. Its lightweight and flexible design can be easily sized and integrated with most uniforms or clothing, and individual equipment systems.

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