About Us

Founded in 2010, B-TEMIA Inc. is a privately-owned dermoskeletic technology company. Based in Quebec City, Canada, B-TEMIA develops, manufactures and commercializes cutting-edge products in the growing market of human augmentation systems.

B-TEMIA’s proprietay wearable Dermoskeleton™ technology provides the user with robotized mechanical support to restore, maintain or enhance the mobility of users, with applications in the medical, industrial and military fields.

In addition to its two wholly-owned subsidiaries, B-TEMIA Health Inc and B-TEMIA Military Inc, the Company also operates under its wholly-owned subsidiary, B-TEMIA USA, Inc.

The Company aims to become the global leader in the high growth market of human augmentation, by developing innovative high-value mobility assistive devices that enable individuals to regain their autonomy.

For more information, see www.b-temia.com


DUNS® number (B-TEMIA USA, Inc.): 080407148